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AegisGuard LS Radiation Shields
RF & EMF Shielding Protection
For Wired & Wireless Products,
Networks, Glass, Plastics & Composites
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AegisGuard™ LS is a safe, easy to apply, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic spray-on radiation shield proven to provide the most effective solution available for shielding the radiation emitted by wired and wireless products and networks. As illustrated in the cell phone user graphic and like all AegisGuard™ products, radiation is deflected away from shielded surfaces at an opposite angle from the originating source. It is non-conductive, does not absorb radiation, contains no metal or other conductive material, and grounding is not required.

Spray any wired, wireless, glass, plastic, wood or metal surface and wipe dry for transparent radiation shielding up to 99.998% for most applications, including phones, tablets, handhelds, wearable's, computers, appliances, medical devices, windows, and much more. No other personal radiation shielding product provides consumers and businesses with better protection from airborne, wired or wireless product radiation frequencies up to 1 THz. Standard models shield frequencies from 5 Hz. to 30 GHz., 120 GHz., 360 GHz., or 1.1 THz. at power levels from 1 milliwatt (0.001 Watt) to 25 Watts measured at the point of contact

AegisGuard™ LS is non-conductive and deflects and diffuses radiation frequencies away from the user instead of absorbing them (for wireless products such as cell phones, the World Health Organization does not recommend the use of shielding products claiming to absorb radiation). Since frequencies are deflected, rather than being absorbed, grounding is unnecessary because saturation and seepage normally occurring within a few minutes of using an absorption type of shield does not occur.

Consisting of proprietary shielding technology proven more effective than all other personal radiation shielding products, AegisGuard™ LS protects users from both high and low radiation frequencies without affecting product performance, power consumption, or in the case of wireless products, signal strength, in any manner whatsoever. The low frequency shielding effectiveness is an important distinction due to the increased number of studies confirming low frequency health risks, particularly for children using wireless phones and individuals suffering from the effects and discomfort of electrosensitivity (IEI-EMF, EHS, and ES). There has never been an allergic or skin reaction reported by any user.

Prior to 30 GHz. models announced in 2005, more than 50 wired and wireless products were tested by 3 independent testing laboratories. Each product was tested for at least 8 continuous hours, as opposed to 1 or 2 products tested for a few minutes as presented by other shielding product manufacturers. to confirm the shielding effectiveness remained consistent, without degradation, during a normal working day. The shielding effectiveness exceeds the requirements specified by MIL-STD-285, IEEE 299 and Human RF exposure limits as set forth in FCC OET Bulletin 65.

A 3 month field test consisting of 450 participants was also conducted before the initial announcement to test product performance and to ensure allergic or skin reactions did not occur. There were no adverse reactions reported by the participants or any subsequent user since the product was announced in February, 2005. They are an excellent cost effective shielding solution for anybody concerned about the health effects of radiation frequencies upon the body, and have provided relief to thousands of people worldwide who suffer from EHS (electrosensitivity).


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