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AegisGuard™ Life (LL, LP and LS) Series Radiation Shields are the most trusted and thoroughly tested radiation shielding products available. They are safe, easy to use and proven to provide the most effective radiation shielding solution for shielding and protecting all users, including electrosensitive individuals, from the radiation frequencies generated by virtually all wired and wireless products and networks.

AegisGuard™ Life Series products contain proprietary, multiple non-conductive shielding compounds, each providing diffused scattered radiation reflection for a range of frequencies and hundreds of shielding applications. They are comprised of chemically inert, non-hazardous natural and synthetically produced minute materials of various weights and densities, combined with materials serving as a transfer medium to surfaces, and expand upon surface contact.

bulletAegisGuard™ LS: Micro-encapsulated in an unscented liquid derived from natural plant oils, it is fragrance free, hypoallergenic and contains no harmful ingredients. No health risk or adverse reactions have been reported.
bullet AegisGuard™ LL: Micro-encapsulated with sodium bicarbonate, it is fragrance free, hypoallergenic and contains no harmful ingredients. No health risk or adverse reactions have been reported.
bulletAegisGuard™ LP: Micro-encapsulated in an unscented liquid derived from natural plant oils, and blended with resins and solvents commonly used in primers and paints. No health risk or adverse reactions after mixing with primer or paint and surface application have been reported.

Each shielding compound is effective for a specific range of frequencies, and power levels, measured at the point of contact. Standard AegisGuard™ Life Series products are available from 5 Hz. to 30 GHz. (shown above), 120 GHz., 360 GHz., and 1.1 THz., at power levels from 1 milliwatt (0.001 Watt) to 25 Watts for shielding all current and upcoming wireless product and network technologies, including IoE, IoT, 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5, fiber optic, and more.

The shielding compounds effective at frequencies below 100 Hz., such as those generated by the human body and products operating at 50 - 60 Hz., remain static, or fixed in place, deflecting (reflecting) and scattering radiation away from shielded surfaces at angles opposite from the originating sources.

The frequency specific shielding compounds effective above 100 Hz. also remain static and scatter deflected radiation until identical transmit and receive frequencies are sensed on either side of a shielded surface, such as during cell phone use, driving or walking outside, or in a home or office. When this occurs, they oscillate at the point of contact, allowing the frequencies and everything they carry to pass through unimpeded. Examples of what this technology provides in real world, daily applications follows:

bulletYou are at work having a conversation on your AegisGuard™ LS shielded cell phone placed against your head. Frequencies are received and transmitted through the back of the phone facing away from you, and frequencies from the front of the phone are deflected away from your head. Your company uses a wireless LAN, and as the washable clothing you are wearing is shielded with AegisGuard™ LL, the airborne radiation frequencies normally penetrating your body, including the LAN emissions, are deflected away from the areas protected by the shielded fabrics.
bulletYou are walking outside, and can see power lines and wireless antenna masts nearby. The airborne frequencies are deflected away from the areas of your body protected by the shielded clothing, just as they were at work.
bulletYou are at home, where the interior side of exterior doors, walls, trim, and ceilings are shielded with AegisGuard™ LP, and the interior side of the windows and skylight are shielded using the same AegisGuard™ LS as your shielded phone. Frequencies generated by power lines, transformers, wireless communication masts, smart meters, your neighbor's wireless network, etc., are deflected away from your home.
The current 5G network frequency specification is 60 GHz. to 300 GHz, and expected to increase. Fiber optic network split feeds are 180 GHz. (165nm) to 360 GHz. (565nm), and carrier fiber core stations operate in the THz. range.

Watch this IEEE marketing video promoting 5G technology to understand why health concerns about this technology are justified.


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