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AegisGuard Radiation Shields
The Significance Of Deflection Versus Absorption

Since 1988, AegisGuardRadiation Shields have been the only personal radiation shielding products proven to deflect, or reflect, radiation frequencies away from the body without affecting a products performance, power consumption, or for wireless products, signal strength. They do not contain graphite, MDF, nickel, silver, copper, conductive or any other absorbent material, grounding is not required, and their reflective properties eliminate absorption seepage concerns and safety issues.

Law of reflection (deflection)Metal shielding materials are conductive and absorbing radiation at rates contingent upon their properties. Grounding is mandatory because in addition to seepage as the material becomes saturated (illustrated below), its composition weakens over time, it deteriorates, and absorption is accelerated. This is one of two reasons why every wireless product manufacturer, and the World Health Organization, do not recommend using shielding products claiming to absorb radiation. The second reason is absorbent shielding materials cause electrical and electronic products to increase their power consumption and, for wireless products, their radiated power levels.

AegisGuardshielding technologies are based upon the Law of Reflection (deflection). The RF source is the angle of incidence (originating source), the incidence is the source contact point with an AegisGuardshielded surface, and the angle of reflection is the deflection angle off of a shielded surface. For smooth surfaces, such as glass, the source dimension and angle at the contact point are equal to its dimension and angle of deflection from the contact point. Defined as specular deflection, this technology is in AegisGuardXP and Wired & Air Tube Headset products, and was also in AegisGuardLS, the first L (Life) Series product announced in 2005. 

Forecasts predicting the explosive growth of wireless products, networks, their speed and operating frequencies served as justification for initiating a six year development effort in 2005. Its purpose was to upgrade all AegisGuardL (Life) Series shielding compound surface compositions, and support higher frequency shielding applications without sacrificing shielding effectiveness. Completed in 2011, the shielding compound exterior surfaces were changed from smooth, to ridged, or jagged, diffusing deflected frequencies with the same shielding effectiveness and without degradation. This important feature eliminated RF exposure risk concerns for individuals in the path of deflected frequencies when outdoors, in homes, offices, classrooms, offices, hospitals, etc., by breaking down, or scattering, them.

Sponge Absorption Of WaterThis illustration of water being absorbed by a sponge clarifies why AegisGuardRadiation Shields were specifically designed to deflect radiation frequencies instead of absorbing them. As you can see, the sponge expands as it becomes saturated and water escapes from the bottom.

This saturation occurs with every type of absorbent material, including RF shielding products claiming to absorb radiation. As they become saturated, seepage occurs and radiation is absorbed by the body.

AegisGuardproducts are tested for RF exposure times comparable to what people are exposed to in their daily lives. For example, washable clothing shielded with AegisGuardLL, homes shielded with AegisGuardLP (and windows with LS), and cell phones and other handhelds shielded with AegisGuardLS were tested for a continuous 24 hours, 1 year, and 8 hours, respectively, without any reduction in shielding effectiveness.


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