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AegisGuard Radiation Shields - The Necessary Accessory
The Significance Of Deflection Versus Absorption
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Since 1988, AegisGuard Radiation Shields have been the only personal radiation shielding products proven to deflect, or reflect, radiation frequencies away from the body without affecting a products performance, power consumption or in the case of wireless products, signal strength. They do not contain graphite, MDF, nickel, silver or any other conductive or absorbent material, grounding is not required, and their non-metallic reflective properties eliminate application absorption concerns.

Law of reflection (deflection)All metals are conductive and when used for radiation shielding applications, they absorb the radiation and must be grounded. As absorption occurs, they become dangerous because even when grounded, radiation seeps through the material as they become saturated, their composition weakens over time and they deteriorate. This is one of two reasons why every wireless product manufacturer and the World Health Organization do not recommend the use of shielding products claiming to absorb radiation. The second reason is all RF absorbent shielding materials become saturated over time, thus causing electrical and electronic products to increase their power consumption.

The proprietary methodology incorporated into all AegisGuard products is referred to as the Law of Reflection. As illustrated, the RF source is the angle of incidence between the norm and the incident, and the angle of reflection is the angle between the incident and reflection, or deflection. The angle at the point of incidence is always equal to the angle of reflection.

Sponge Absorption Of WaterThis illustration of water being absorbed by a sponge clarifies why AegisGuard Radiation Shields were specifically designed to deflect radiation frequencies instead of absorbing them. As you can see, the sponge expands as it becomes saturated and water escapes from the bottom.

This saturation occurs with every type of absorbent material, including radiation shielding devices that claim to absorb radiation. As they become saturated, seepage occurs and the radiation is absorbed by the body. 

All AegisGuard Radiation Shield products were tested for not less than 8 hours, instead of a few seconds or minutes as presented by other personal shielding product manufacturers, and no reduction in shielding effectiveness occurred.


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