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Laser Pointers
When You Need To Point... To Make Your Point®red right

Excluding the Speaker Series, every Laser Pointer will continue to operate after being dropped repeatedly. All models are designed to withstand the same daily use as a ballpoint pen.

See Laser FAQ's for additional information about all Aegis laser products.

Perfect ForFeatures
  • Presentations, Conferences and Banquets.
  • Lightweight and Incredibly Durable.
  • Tours, Lectures and Seminars.
  • Beam Range up to 2400 feet (730 meters).
  • Accurate Target Pinpointing.
  • Exceptionally Long Battery Life.
  • Exhibitions, Construction Sites and Warehouses.
  • Batteries Included.
  • Gifts, Promotions and Awards.
  • Compliant with FDA and TUV Regulations.
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