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Contractor Laser Pointer Series
When You Need To Point... To Make Your Point®red right
contractor laser pointers
Equally as popular among tradesmen and corporate executives, the Contractor Series is available with extremely durable dark or light gray polyester over metal barrels.

Note: Laser beam depicts red spot reference point and is not visible. See Laser FAQ's for additional information about all Aegis laser products.

Features include:

  • Fully collimated lens amplifies beam visibility and range.
  • 100,000 hour laser diodes.
  • Recessed laser assemblies prevent damage when pointer is dropped.
  • High quality finishes remain attractive, even with continuous use.
  • Close tolerance rubber switch prevents dust and moisture from entering the barrel.
  • Batteries included.
  • 3 year warranty.
Contractor Laser Pointer Series
Output Power
(Determined by ship-to destination)
Maximum Indoor Range:

1,000 ft. (305 m)
450 ft. (137 m)

2,400 ft. (730 m.)
900 ft. (275 m.)
Maximum Outdoor Range (Daytime):

95 ft. (29 m)
40 ft. (12 m)

200 ft. (61 m.)
80 ft. (24 m.)
Battery Type

N (LR1G)

Battery Quantity (Included)


Battery Life (continuous use)10 Hours9 Hours
Dimensions.53 x 4.33 in. (13.6 x 110 mm)
Weight (with batteries)

2.12 oz (60 g.)

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