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Magnetic Fields

This page presents information about magnetic fields, also known as electromagnetism. Magnetic fields are one of two electromagnetic radiation elements, the other being non-ionizing radiation frequencies (RF) for wireless products or electric non-ionizing frequency fields for wired products. It should be noted the health effects attributed to power transmission lines, cell phones and other wireless product radiation have been linked to non-ionizing radiation frequencies and not magnetic fields. Click here for information about non-ionizing radiation frequencies generated by cellular phones.

Publicly available magnetic field information address the health effects of 50 or 60 Hz. (cycles per second) alternating (reversing) current (AC) from power transmission lines, transformers and common household electronic products The information consistently states direct current (DC) magnetic fields are not considered a health risk because they are non-alternating, or static, and that alternating magnetic fields are used because several epidemiological studies reported an increased cancer risk associated with estimates of magnetic field exposure.

Some scientists, however, believe the health effects are caused by alternating frequencies and not by magnetic fields. This is a logical conclusion when one considers the health effects associated with the cell phone non-ionizing radiation controversy are virtually identical to those associated with 50 to 60 Hz. generated electric and magnetic fields. All AegisGuard products protect users from radiation frequencies, regardless of the source and what may be contained within them to shield against magnetic and voltage fields in addition to the frequencies themselves.

The Electric and Magnetics Fields Research And Public Information Dissemination Program (EMF Rapid) created by The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/National Institutes is a good reference for 60 Hz. magnetic field information. Click here to visit their web site (a new window browser will open).

Magnetic field measurements are expressed as gauss, milligauss, tesla, microtesla and millitesla. The following table presents the relationship between these measurements.

1 gauss=0.0001 tesla=0.1 millitesla=100 microtesla
1 tesla=10,000 gauss=10,000,000 milligauss=10,000,000,000 microgauss

Man has evolved naturally in the earth’s 500 milligauss magnetic field without experiencing any negative health effects from these fields. In modern society, it has been proven countless times there are no health risks when man is exposed to magnetic energy sixty thousand times more powerful than that of the earth, such as during an 3.0 Tesla 3 hour MRI test.

The magnetic fields for several common electronic products found in the home are presented in the following table:

Magnetic Fields (milligauss)
ProductAt The Head**4 inches From The Body*
Cellular Phone 1.2 to 2N/A
Coffee Maker N/A2.3 to 3
Alarm ClockN/A5 to 15
ToasterN/A10 to 60
IronN/A12 to 45
Vacuum CleanerN/A230 to 1300
Hair DryerN/A3 to 1400
TelevisionN/A4.8 to 100
Source: Gauger, Jr., Household Appliance Magnetic Field Survey. IEEE transactions on power apparatus and systems. PA-104
** Source: Medical College of Wisconsin

There have been studies suggesting long term power transmission line and transformer magnetic field exposure can cause diseases such as leukemia, yet it has never been determined if these occurrences are due to magnetic fields or radiation frequencies. The following table presents the magnetic fields measured from different voltage levels at various distances from transmission lines:

Magnetic Fields (milligauss)
Voltage*Under WiresEdge Of Right-Of-WayAt 100 Feet
69 kilovolts20 to 255 to 100.5 to 12
138 kilovolts35 to 4015 to 200.5 to 12
345 kilovolts85 to 10050 to 600.5 to 12
* Assumes Normal Current Flow

At a distance of 300 feet (91 meters), magnetic fields are similar to the typical 2 milligauss background levels found in most homes.

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