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AegisGuardRadiation Shields do not contain nickel or any other metal products.

The widespread use of nickel containing alloys in clothing, jewelry, coinage, wireless products and many radiation shielding products has risen to a level far above what is considered safe direct contact with the human body.

Skin contact with metallic or soluble nickel compounds can produce allergic contact dermatitis, also known as "nickel itch". Contact dermatitis is a skin allergy and the most common nickel exposure health problem reported by consumers.

Transient contact with nickel in massive form for brief time periods, such as when handling coins, is generally not considered a health problem. However when nickel is within close proximity to the skin long enough to react with perspiration, the dissolved nickel penetrates the skin and can cause an allergic reaction.

It is for this reason that most well known clothing and jewelry manufacturers have discontinued using nickel in their products where it will be in close proximity to the skin, such as in zippers and earrings, and why nickel has never been used in any AegisGuard shielding product.