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LExtender Laser Layout Tools
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LExtender Home Levels Level Converters Accessories

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LExtender Laser Layout Tools are used by discriminating professionals requiring consistent alignment and product quality for construction, engineering and do- it-yourself applications.

This product series provides outstanding durability, accuracy and the brightest beam in their class, and are designed to provide years of reliable service in demanding construction environments.

Note: Laser beam depicts red spot reference point extension and is not visible. See Laser FAQ's for additional information about all Aegis laser products.


Precisely Machined Aluminum Housings

Horizontal Convex +.0000"
Horizontal Concave Within .0006"
Sidewall Perpendicularity <.005"
Straightness (in feet): .003" X Length


  • Simple Extension Of Level, Plumb, Pitch And Alignment Reference Points
  • Easy To Use With Greater Precision Than Strings And Water Style Levels
  • Lightweight, Extremely Accurate and Incredibly Durable
  • Brightest Beam and Longest Range in Their Class
  • Beam Range up to 2400 feet (730 meters)
  • Factory Calibrated; No Adjustments Required
  • Indoor And Outdoor Use
  • Outdoor Visibility Without Accessories
  • 100,000 Hour Laser Diodes
  • Batteries Included
  • Exceptionally Long Battery Life


Bridges Ductwork Grading Masonry Roofing and Gutters
Cabinets Electrical Heating and Air Conditioning Metalworking Shelving
Decks and Fences Fencing Hanging Objects Mining Signs
Doors and Windows Floors and Tile Industrial Alignment Plant Machinery Sprinklers
Drainage Systems Framing and Partitions Landscaping Plumb Suspended Ceilings
Drilling General Carpentry Level Plumbing and Pipe Woodworking
And Many More!

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