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AegisGuard Radiation Shields

Aegis is the worlds leading manufacturer of personal radiation shielding products Since 1988, they have repeatedly been proven to be the most effective and thoroughly tested shielding solutions for a wide range of shielding applications.

All AegisGuard™ products are non-conductive, deflect radiation frequencies away from the user instead of absorbing them (for wireless products such as cell phones, the World Health Organization does not recommend the use of shielding products claiming to absorb radiation), and do not affect product performance, power consumption, or wireless product signal strength. Since RF and the EMF fields it carries is deflected, rather absorbed, grounding is unnecessary because the saturation and seepage normally occurring within a few minutes of using an absorption technology shield does not occur.

AegisGuard™ Radiation Shields do not contain metal or graphite and grounding is not required.

AegisGuard L (Life) Series Radiation Shields
AegisGuard™ L (Life) Series Radiation Shields consist of 3 product families incorporating a proprietary deflection and oscillating microscopic shielding compound technology. They are the number one shielding product recommended by hospitals, medical and homeopathic physicians worldwide.

Each AegisGuard™ L Series product provides up to 99.998% shielding protection from both high and low radiation frequencies between 5 Hz. to 30 GHz., 120 GHz., 360 GHz., or 1.1 THz. at power levels from 1 milliwatt (0.001 Watt) to 25 Watts measured at the point of contact. They are the #1 doctor recommended solution for persons suffering from the adverse effects and discomfort of electrohypersensitivity (EHS, IEI-EMF, and ES).

Standard models provide from 99.993% to 99.998% shielding effectiveness from 5 Hz. to 30 GHz., 120 GHz., 360 GHz., or 1.1 THz. frequencies with power levels between 1 milliwatt (0.001 Watt) to 25 Watts measured at the point of contact. Custom models supporting higher power levels up to 100 kW and frequencies up to 4.8 THz. are made to order.

The shielding effectiveness exceeds the requirements specified by MIL-STD-285, IEEE 299 and Human RF exposure limits as set forth in FCC OET Bulletin 65, and there has never been an allergic or skin reaction reported by any user following the instructions included with the products.

  • AegisGuard LL For Washable Clothing & Fabrics
    AegisGuard™ LL protects users from the airborne radiation normally penetrating body organs covered by clothing. Added to the final rinse water and safe for all hand and machine washable fabrics, it deflects both high and low radiation frequencies away from the body.
AegisGuard LL Radiation Shields
  • AegisGuard™ LP For Homes, Offices & Painted Surfaces
    AegisGuard™ LP is mixed with 1 U.S. or Imperial gallon of any brand of interior and exterior latex or latex primer and paint to provide radiation shielding protection for all painted surfaces, including walls, ceilings, roofs, electronic equipment cabinets and enclosures.
AegisGuard LP Radiation Shields

  • AegisGuard LS For Wired & Wireless Products & Networks, Glass & Plastic 
    AegisGuard™ LS is sprayed onto surfaces, wiped dry, and deflects radiation frequencies emitted by virtually all wired and wireless products away from the body without affecting product performance, power consumption, or wireless product signal strength. (See AegisGuard™ Wire Radiation Shield for wired and air-tube headset protection)

AegisGuard™ LS is also used for shielding glass and plastic windows, skylights, wood and composite materials.

AegisGuard LS Radiation Shields
AegisGuard Headset Radiation Shields For Wired & Air-Tube Headsets
AegisGuard™ Headset Shields for wired and air-tube headset wires fit all headset wires plugged directly into cellular and cordless phones, preventing up to 98% of a phone's radiation from being transferred through the wire and into the ear canal. (See AegisGuard™ LS for Bluetooth and other wireless technology headset protection).

AegisGuard Headset Wire Radiation Shields
AegisGuard XP Radiation Shields
AegisGuard™ XP was initially developed to support frequencies up to 45 GHz. at power levels up to 10 Watts for specialized military and commercial applications. It was also used by electrosensitive individuals, but they now use AegisGuard™ LL which is less expensive and provides higher frequency and power level protection.

AegisGuard XP Radiation Shields


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