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On-line Shopping Security
There has never been an incident of a customer reporting fraudulent use of their credit card as a result of purchases made through our web site. All shopping transactions are automatically routed to and processed on a secure server incorporating the latest SSL technology.

When you finish adding items to your shopping cart and are ready to checkout, click the Checkout Button. The next page, and others presented during the order and confirmation process, all reside on the secure server. This is easily confirmed by verifying the URL is preceded by https:// instead of http://. Note that many browsers also show a small secure verification closed lock on the location bar, or elsewhere on your screen, and an open lock represents an unsecured page, such as this one.

Our secure server software encrypts all of your shopping and personal information, including credit card information, into unrecognizable characters that that cannot be interpreted as they are transmitted over the Internet. When the encrypted information is received by our secure server, it is translated back into it's original form, retrieved and stored in our off-line database.

Safe Shopping Guarantee
In the unlikely event that unauthorized use of your credit card occurs, follow the reporting procedures defined by your credit card provider and Contact Us immediately. Most credit card companies will not hold you responsible for charges that result from the unauthorized use of your credit card, or they may limit your liability to U.S. $50.00 (the maximum liability allowed under the Fair Credit Billing Act).

If your credit card company holds you liable for unauthorized charges made as a result of your credit card purchase through our web site, we will reimburse you for the remaining liability, up to a maximum of U.S.$50.00.

Fraudulent credit card orders are investigated and prosecuted to the maximum extent permitted by law.