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AegisGuard LS Radiation Shield Store
Radiation Shielding Protection From
Wired & Wireless Products & Networks

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AegisGuard LS Radiation Shields - click for larger image

AegisGuard LS Radiation Shields
All models are in stock and ship in 1 - 3 business days.
Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Item No.


Price (U.S.$)Select To Purchase
09003AegisGuard LS Radiation Shield - 1 FL OZ (29.56 ml)$39.95
09021AegisGuard LS Radiation Shield - 2 FL OZ (59.13 ml)$74.95
09044AegisGuard LS Radiation Shield - 4 FL OZ (118.25 ml)$140.95
09058AegisGuard LS Radiation Shield - 8 FL OZ (236.52 ml)$261.95

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One spray application is required for electronic products found in homes, offices and factories that are never washed or become wet. AegisGuard™ LS should be reapplied to frequently handled products
periodically such as wireless phones, handhelds, pagers and headsets that are not used with a protective outer case, and it must be reapplied if the product is washed or become wet from perspiration, rain, etc. The use of a protective outer case with these types of products is recommended if you perspire heavily.

The following recommendations are provided for your safety and to ensure optimum shielding effectiveness and protection at all times when using frequently handled wireless products. For reference and depending upon its dimensions, a cellular phone can be sprayed 15 - 20 times, a typical pager can be sprayed 40 times, and the front, top and one side of a typical tower computer can be sprayed 1 time using a 1 FL OZ (29.57 ml) bottle.

Monthly UsageWithout A
Protective Outer Case,
Reapply After:
With A
Protective Outer Case,
Reapply After:
5 Hours (300 Minutes)40 Weeks18 Months
10 Hours (600 Minutes)20 Weeks10 Months
20 Hours (1,200 Minutes)10 Weeks8 Months
30 Hours (1,800 Minutes)7 Weeks6 Months
40 Hours (2,400 Minutes)5 Weeks4 Months
50 Hours (3,000 Minutes)4 Weeks2 Months
100 Hours (6,000 Minutes)2 Weeks1 Month

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