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AegisGuard Wired & Air Tube Headset Radiation Shield Store
Use AegisGuard LS for Wireless Headsets

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AegisGuard Earpiece Radiation Shield - click to enlargeAegisGuard Headset Radiation Shields - click to enlargeAegisGuard Headset Wire Radiation Shield - click to enlarge
Earpiece ShieldsShielded Headset
(headset not included)
Wire Shield
AegisGuard Headset Radiation Shields For Wired & Air Tube Headsets
(headset not included)
All models are in stock and ship in 1 - 3 business days.
Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Item No.QuantityDescriptionPrice (U.S.$)Select To Purchase
300591Includes 1 AegisGuard Headset Wire Shield and 2 AegisGuard EarBud, EarGel And In-The-Ear Style Earpiece Shields$37.95

300091AegisGuard Headset Wire Shield$29.95

310254AegisGuard EarBud, EarGel And In-The-Ear style Earpiece Shields$24.95

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