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AegisGuard Radiation Shields - The Necessary Accessory
5 Hz. To 2.6 GHz. Test Results

Click here for information about tests at frequencies above 2.6 GHz.

Surrounding background noise was maintained at approximately 30 dB to represent the airborne radiation levels people are normally exposed to from the sun, far field emissions and various electronic products. The tested frequency ranges for AegisGuard™ Phone (replaced by AegisGuard ™ LS in 2005) and Headset Radiation Shields varied between 5 Hz. to 2.6 GHz. with power levels up to 5 Watts. The same frequency ranges were used for AegisGuard™ XP Radiation Shields with power levels up to 10 Watts, and AegisGuard™ L (Life) Series Radiation Shields with power levels up to 25 Watts. Each product was tested with and without AegisGuard™ shields installed.

The duration of each product test without AegisGuard™ Shields installed was 15 minutes to confirm the presence of radiation and associated output power levels.

The duration of each product test with AegisGuard™ Shields installed varied according to the AegisGuard™ shield tested, as shown below. None of the tested products exhibited increased power consumption or signal loss with AegisGuard™ Shields installed and all AegisGuard™ L Series Shield tests were consistent for each shielding product within this series.

  • AegisGuard™ Wired Headset Radiation Shields were tested with 22 products for 8 hours each in 2001.
  • AegisGuard™ XP Radiation Shields were tested with 12 products for 8 hours each in 2001
  • AegisGuard™ LS Radiation Shields were tested with 53 products for 8 hours each in 2004 and 2006.
  • AegisGuard™ LL Radiation Shields were tested with 40 products for 24 hours each in 2005.
  • AegisGuard™ LP Radiation Shields were tested with 6 homes for 1 year each beginning in 2005.
Click here for AegisGuard™ test information at frequencies above 2.6 GHz.

The first independent laboratory tests of AegisGuard™ Phone Radiation Shields were conducted in February, 1998 (this product was superseded by AegisGuard™ LS Radiation Shields in 2005). The introduction of AegisGuard™ Headset Radiation Shields and new production processes improving the transparent shielding material clarity of AegisGuard™ Phone Radiation Shields in January, 2000 required that the tests be conducted again.

During the 2000 tests, an Ericsson T28 World phone with an AegisGuard™ Phone Radiation Shield installed was also tested continuously for 8 hours to determine the shielding effectiveness for an amount of time exceeding normal phone use. This was necessary because any material that deflects, reflects or conducts anything will also absorb it and depending upon the time between exposures, it too will eventually become saturated. The radio modem tests confirmed that AegisGuard™ shields sold at the time were effective for products operating up to a continuous 2.6 GHz @ 5 watts. All tests conducted after 2000 were at least 8 hours.

The results for all products tested were consistent and are consolidated into a single graph with the shielding effectiveness shown on the right side.

The globally accepted formula used to convert the actual shielding effectiveness (dB) to the percentage of shielding effectiveness follows.

Shielding Effectiveness A = dB
Shielding Effectiveness (%) = Shielding Effectiveness (1 - 10A/10) * 100

NOTE: AegisGuard™ L Series and XP appear as overlapping or checkerboard lines on the graph due to their shielding effectiveness being within 0.001% between 5 Hz. to 100 Hz. and 0.002% between 100 Hz. and 2.6 GHz. of each other.

Click here for more current and specific AegisGuard™ L Series test results from 5 Hz. up to 30 GHz. and XP test results up to 45 GHz.

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