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Founded in 1974 as D&M Associates, our management team has led the way for providing high quality technology based products, services and solutions throughout the world.

Our corporate customer, manufacturing and service philosophy is simply presented in a single sentence mission statement:

An absolute commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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United States
Department of Defense
*1974A/D and D/A controllers and custom application software for specialized mainframe and minicomputer applications.
*1976International Systems Antares® 16 bit minicomputer systems consisting of hardware, operating system, language compilers and application software for business and process control applications.
**1978International consulting services including sales, marketing, procurement, off-shore manufacturing and joint venture development.
*1979Transient voltage suppression products for critical commercial and military applications.
*1984Data communication products, including fiber optic and serial channel extender systems, wireless modems and voice over data
*1988Developed first AegisGuard™ products for employee protection applications (See AegisGuard History).
***1994Laser product development and laser pointers.
***1995LExtender® laser layout tools, laser modules and custom laser products.
***1997Laser Light Shows.
*1998AegisGuard™ Phone Radiation Shields (superseded by AegisGuard™ LS Radiation Shields in 2005; see AegisGuard History).
***2001AegisGuard™ Headset Radiation Shields for wired headsets.
***2002AegisGuard™ XP Radiation Shields.
***2005AegisGuard™ Life Series LS Radiation Shields for wired and wireless products.
***2006AegisGuard™ Life Series LL Radiation Shields for washable fabrics.
***2006AegisGuard™ Life Series LP Radiation Shields for latex and latex acrylic paint primers.
***2010Announced a 100% increase of lower and upper frequency range shielding effectiveness at 40% greater power levels measured at point of contact for all AegisGuard™ Life Series products.
*Divisions and/or technologies discontinued, sold or transferred..
**Contact us for information about these services.
***Product information appears on this web site.


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